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Operating System

  • API

    Every resource supports plain as well as JSON GET requests. JSON responses can be requested by setting the corresponding Accept header, i.e., Accept: application/json. ip.pdt.sh tries to identify whether a request is sent by CLI client and then only returns the plain response unless JSON is explicitly requested. In this way for example, a simple curl ip.pdt.sh/ retrieves your IP address. You can also add "/json" to any resource to force a JSON response regardless of the Accept header.

      • Plain
      • JSON
      • Plain
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      • Plain
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      • Plain
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  • CLI Client Examples

    > curl ip.pdt.sh/
    > wget -qO - ip.pdt.sh/tcp
    > http -b ip.pdt.sh/host
    curl for Json
    > curl -H "Accept: application/json" ip.pdt.sh/ip
    wget for Json
    > wget -qO- --header=Accept:application/json ip.pdt.sh/tcp
    httpie for Json
    > http -bj ip.pdt.sh/host
  • FAQ

    The IP address is wrong! WHT?
    Yes, that's possible. It turns out that determining the originating IP address of an HTTP request is not as easy as it might seem. For example, there might be transparent proxies, load balancers, and even NAT gateways on the path from your browser to ip.pdt.sh. Even though, ip.pdt.sh uses a heuristic to determine the originating IP address, information may be hidden or removed which might lead to wrong results. If you encounter such a scenario, open an issue on GitHub and let's try to enhance the heuristic together.
    Where is ip.pdt.sh hosted?
    The code runs for free at Koyeb.
    Does ip.pdt.sh support IPv6?
    Yes, the code is agnostic regarding the IP version.
    Can I run my own instance of ip.pdt.sh?
    Yes please, you're welcome to. Just clone or fork the GitHub repository. If you find it useful for your purpose, I would highly appreciate you sending me a postcard from your hometown mentioning how you use ip.pdt.sh. Please see the project's Readme in the GitHub repository for details.
    Can you add <feature>, please?
    Yes, why not. Just contact me and let's discuss the details. Better, do it yourself and send me a pull request.
ip.pdt.sh is yet another "what's my IP address" service, currently running ifconfig-rs version 0.2.0. It is written in Rust (hence the .rs top-level domain) using the Rocket web framework and includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com. The UI is made with uikit. Feel free to use it as much as you like, to query it automatically, and to clone and to fork it. Please mind that rate limiting may be applied. If you like to get in touch, you can contact me on and .